Roderick shows resilience and emerges in front

Dutch championships by Chrono, round 3

BERGHEM - During the third round of the Dutch go-karting championship Roderick proved that resilience can take a sportsman very far. The eleven-year-old rider from The Hague had to dodge a spinning competitor in the first race, causing him to crash. But by never giving up, he managed to become sixth during the third race in the competitive Minimax class.

No, he wasn't completely satisfied, Roderick acknowledged after the races in Berghem. It had to do with the first race in which he attempted to avoid a spinning opponent and went into the tire stacks. Yet, with that sixth place in the third race, the sympathetic Hagenaar proved that he can overtake, that he can race, that he has a fighter's mentality, that he never gives up and that his speed was good.

"When I came across the finish line I didn’t know exactly what my position was", said Roderick, who had to skip the previous round of the Dutch championships due to a broken pinkie, but now didn’t suffer from it anymore. "I thought I had ended in the top ten, but I didn’t know exactly at what place. During the start several riders crashed into each other. Later there were some more crashes and I could overtake quite a few drivers. But to be honest, I was especially pleased that I had been able to avoid them."

"At that moment, I did not think of the places I had gained. Because there was a big gap between me and the guys in front of me, I could not see how many of them were there. I am quite satisfied with the fact that I’ve  become sixth, but only when I get into the top five I’ll be really satisfied. "

So yes, Roderick showed he was critical of himself and his achievements. Admittedly, the sixth place as his best performance was not the result he had come to Berghem for, but lest not forget he pulled off an amazing performance after his crash – which wasn’t his fault – during the first race. In addition, he pulled his kart from the tire stacks in an attempt to recover a few positions (speaking about never giving up…). Because the cabling of his kart was slurring over the ground, that mission was doomed to fail, subsequently he had to accept to finish at the 24th place.

This meant he had to start from that spot in the second race. After several overtakings he ended the race at the eighteenth position. This way he slowly but certainly progressed through the field and although the eighteenth place for the start of the third place wasn’t the position where he belongs - Roderick proved several times he belongs in the top five - he could at least start a little further up the grid.

His never-ending ambition to perform was ultimately rewarded with a handsome sixth place. It meant many points for the championship and, no less important, a moral boost for the upcoming NK round, held at the Kerpen circuit in Germany. Roderick was already looking forward to it. "I like to drive there because you can go fast on that track. I like it. I hope it will rain a bit. In those conditions I'm always quick and in that case I hope to be able to finish in the top five again!"

Roderick is supported in his race activities by: Balkan Basalt, Citronics, Canley Vale Investments, Via Andres, Freem and Racing Sportiva.